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Function follows Form

How to create a dynamic data driven resumé (CV) as a Python-Flask-Bootstrap webapp?

Some things I understand

(from: `Algorithms in a Nutshell` by George T. Heineman, Gary Pollice, and Stanley Selkow Copyright © 2009 George Heineman, Gary Pollice, and Stanley Selkow)

(or: The Message is the Media)

This is a follow up on "Sexy Resumé"

  • http://gutsup.com/oneletter/488 (The quest for a resumé I do like to create, is fun to make, is a dazzling multisensory experience, shows my skills, is a recruiter's wet dream and impresses the nerdiest techie. Satisfaction guaranteed)

The revelation (latest) (2017-05-24 05:39 UTC)

Kyran's recommendations:

My Conclusion: Data Driven Visualisation

Wysiwyg presentation tools (PP, Prezi, Visme, ..) not only annoy me to the max. They drive me crazy! Dat gekut met WYSIWYG omgevingen schiet gewoon niet op.

The way to go

  • Use YAML (http://www.yaml.org/start.html) for the specification of the show:
    • content network (what),
    • rendering (how),
    • flow (navigational constraints)
    • resources (text, images, music, video, voice, ..)
  • Let RoboShow do the tedious job of turning the specs into a mind-blowing presentation


We just have to create this workhorse.

  • Creates the interactive experience
  • Delivers the show as a web application (no server involved, front-end only)
  • In a digest of files (html, svg, css, javascript) playable with any browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome)

RoboShow is a ordinary command-line computer program

  • Written in Python3.4+
  • Usage: $ python roboshow.py mypresentation.yaml (creates the presentation in the working directory)
  • Show: open mypresentation.html in Chrome
  • Modify: open mypresentation.yaml in yaml-aware plain text editor, adapt the specs, save

So? Let's RoboShow!


  • Is there such thing as a (proposal for) 'high level standard' for specifying a 'presentations' in whatever formalism (like XML, JSON)?
  • What is to be learned from other endeavours? For example in e-learning (https://moodle.org/?lang=en)?
  • What is needed to start a open source collaboration project attracting lots of contributors?
  • What are and where are the relevant open source building blocks? For example:
- http://kartograph.org - http://apievangelist.com/2016/09/20/d3js-visualizations-using-yaml-and-jekyll/ - http://cairosvg.org/ - https://github.com/facebookincubator/exerslide - https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/

The RoboShow concept emerged by the annoying and frustrating experiences described below

NEWEST:: Don't check out https://www.canva.com ??? JAST (just another shit tool)

Exploring Venngance (2017-05-24)

How does a company create the next 'killer app'?

  • Stupid question!
  • The info-graphic explains why the question is stupid.
  • Alas. Pearls for pigs.

Answer: Hire me and exploit the trinity

Exploring Powerpoint, Prezi and Vismé

A bubble diagram in Infogram (Prezi)

The diagram shows the (relative) time (bubble-size) I spend on programming in languages (X-axis) from 1978 to 2023 (5 year intervals with years as mid point)

PP-ZoomIn : Me (start)

A Prezi inspired 'Zoom in' concept with PowerPoint:

PP-ZoomIn: Me => Values

PP-ZoomIn: Me => Past

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International money transfers? Worldremit beats your bank!

Domains, Hosting? Go Versio!

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