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My resumé is boring and a total failure. Why? I love to do research, design, coding, composing, playing cards, watching soccer, playing chess and drinking beers and a thousand other things. Like hard core coding. Building systems. Learn new technologies. So i made a bubble graph covering 40 years (Y) of coding in several programming langages (X)

I even like to write things that make sense and are fun to read. But writing an effective curriculum vitae , a resumé that opens doors? No way. My internet presence doesn't help. Google me and my youtube channel pops up and my linkedIn in profile. LinkedIn could be much better. Youtube kills whatever prospect.

( by kred to all at 2017-05-21 20:35:09 in ux )

International money transfers? Worldremit beats your bank!

Domains, Hosting? Go Versio!

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