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Who is the better person?

This question -- Who is the better person? -- has been, is and will be the the archetypal question of all American (USA, ithat is) debate. In a few days the American people, the people that gave us freedom from the Nazis, internet,google, facebook and coca cola. And Nicky Minaj and the Velvet Underground. And don't forget the life-changing cinematography. Please point me to a European screenshow beating the tops of Holywood.

Who the |&%* cares?

I care for sure. And more important: I trust the people of the USA. I believe in communis opinio. I believe in common sense. I believe in the judgement of American people to elect the BETTER PERSON.

( by kred to Who cares at 2016-11-01 23:49:25 in Politics )

International money transfers? Worldremit beats your bank!

Domains, Hosting? Go Versio!


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